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Timeline for Restore
April 2002
10 - Took out the battery and drained the radiator.
11 - Took the front bumper and front clip off.
18 - Took the motor out.
23 - Put the motor on the engine stand. When I went to move the Transmission I found out that it has a newer Buick Trans.
May 2002
02 - Today I started taking things off the firewall I removed the wiring harness from the fire wall.  When you do this make sure you put some plastic wrap over the fuse block so it doesn't get the grease full of dirt.  I also took off the wiper motor, heater fan box and the cowl that covers the wiper assembly.
07 - Today I started on the interior.  I took out all the seats, and carpeting, package tray and seat belts.  I took the drivers side door off.
12 - Big day! I got a lot done.  Kick panels are out, parking brake, instrument cluster, glove box, ash tray, heater box.

Make sure that when you start unhooking wires that you write down where they go.  I just labeled them with masking tape.  I also wrote out a map showing the routing of the wiring harness under the dash.

17 - Today I took out the package tray, and back window to find the first rusted part.  The glue that sealed the bottom of the glass was gone allowing water to get in and start to rust.  The car is just about a shell now not much more.
June - July 2002
Over the past month I have taken all the carpet out.

Dash is just a skeleton. 

The front windshield is gone.

Gas tank is out.

I will be removing the rear bumper and the rear wiring harness this month along with the headliner and rear side windows.

May 2003
16 - Well I know it has been along time since I have updated this.  But Real Life has kept me busy.  I have a digital camera now and will be adding more pictures soon.  Now for what I have done in the last 10 months or so.
The car is a shell.  I have the sub-frame off and the rear axle out.  I scrubbed the bottom of the car with a Scotchbrite pad and some water to clean the 30yr old dirt off.  I also scrubbed the axle and replaced all the seals, bearings and wheel cylinders. I decided to use POR-15 as a paint instead of just painting with a rattle can.
June 2003
02 - I am finishing the rear spring this weekend and should have them back together by the end of the week.  I used leaf spring out of a 73 hatchback to get the fenders to the top of the tires. With out using air shocks.  After the rear axle is back together I will be starting on the sub frame.  I have the rebuild kit and thanks to my Dad I have power disc brakes for the front.  I will have more pictures up soon.
July 2003
01 - Another update. Didn't get the axle in due to rear sway bar was on back order.  I just got it today so I will be trying to install the axle this weekend.  I started on the body work and replaced some metal that was rusted away.  
07 - Today I got the axle put back together and the rear sway bar in.  I used newer poly spring pads.  They are thicker than the original rubber. 
17 - Rear axle is installed in the car.  Thanks to the help of my brother.
August 2003
01 - Started the sub frame.  Disassembled it.
02 - After the sub frame is apart I hung the frame from the rafters in my garage.  I used eye bolts on the four corners and rope to suspended it in the air.  I did this so I could por-15 the bottom.
14 - Started Por-15 the sub-frame
15 - Por-15 upper and lower control arms.
September 2003
06 - Installed bushings and ball joints in upper and lower control arms
07 - Put sub frame back on the ground. Installed control arms back on the sub-frame
09 - Installed the springs
10 - Installed the steering arms on the spindles
January 2004
16 - Installed tie rods and draglink
17 - Installed new steering gear box
31 - installed front sub frame back on car.
February 2004
03 - Car went to the paint shop.
04 - Passengers quarter panel replaced
05 - Tail light panel replaced
06 - Outer wheel house is rusted and needs to be replace along with drivers side door and passenger side front fender.
12 - All parts in.  Outer wheel house is installed.  Radiator support and inner fender wells, are painted and put back on for body alignment.
13 - Door pins and other door parts arrived and will be installed.
16 - Rear Quarters are installed and welded in.
March 2004
05- Car is ready for the first coat of primer.
16- Car has first coat of primer on.
June 2004
05-Car is painted inside.
27- Dash painted
28- Car has final coat of primer on.
29- Car has color and clear on.
July 2004
02-Fenders on.
September 2004
07- Trunk painted inside.
21- FatMat Sound Deadener started to be installed
January 2005
24- OK a short up date.  The engine is a 1972 402.  It is actually painted Chevy orange.  I plan on having the brake and fuel lines done this weekend and installing the engine and trans next weekend.  My goal is to have it the car running by June.  Most of the wiring is ran but not terminated yet.  Once I get the motor in I will focus on the Vintage Air A/C system.  
February 2005
12- With the help of my brother we got the gas tank and brake/fuel/emission lines ran and connected.
March 2005
06- Put valve covers on and and trans mounted to engine.  Installed trans and engine.

Next is A\C and get started on the electrical.

November 2005  

Has it really been that long?

From March until now- Well I know I haven't updated and sorry for that.  I have done some work though.  Over the past few months I have installed the A/C unit and also modified the original defrost ducts for the Vintage air system.  The gas tank is in and the fuel, and brake lines are ran from the back of the car to the sub frame.  The back of the car is wired and some of the front. I mounted the controller for the Dakota Digital Dash.
13/14- Mounted the Carb, alternator, power steering pump and water pump with the new March Performance serpentine system.
July 2006 

Due to the website host I lost some stuff and had to split the site into two.

01 - After a major battle with the engine fame mounts I finally got it in.  With the help of my dad the brakes are bleed and ready, most of the wiring is done.  The radiator and electric fans are mounted and ready. 
August 2006 

01 - Used SEM products to restore the dash bezel and installed the Dakota Digital dash panel.  Finished up the Kick panels

05 - Drilled and installed the A/C head bulkhead.  Installed a Lokar shift linkage.

18-19 Well a lot of work has been done.  Wiring is 99.9% complete. Temp is set on the fans.  A/C is connected all hoses are connected.  Shifter is in. 

September 2006

01 -   Parking Brake is in and the last kick panel.  Going to get exhaust in then next few weeks.


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